Our Services

We deliver beautifully crafted online and offline activity to drive real results for ambitious regional players, fresh start ups, global b2b giants and exceptional consumer brands. In a nutshell, We make sure that anyone who needs your product or service can find you and connect with you whenever, wherever and however he wants.


Our core expertise developing, upgrading, maintaining and providing support for web-based applications and database-driven websites. Whether you seek to optimise your business by automation, or open new revenue streams by creating something completely new.. Whether it is an innovative idea changing the world or craving a new niche in a crowded marketplace competing against established players.. We are here to help you to make it happen. Our team has a cross-platform, multi-industry experience of building products that work on different devices.

Web designer in pune: Algov Business and IT Solutions
Web designer in pune: Algov Business and IT Solutions
Web designer in pune: Algov Business and IT Solutions

our main services

  • Website Design

    We design user-friendly websites that support your business and return optimum results, equally focused on the aesthetic and technical aspects. We’ve built websites for various types of business, from tiny one-page sites to large eCommerce sites and social networking services.

  • Logo and Corporate Identity

    First we’ll listen and learn about your audience and then we’ll create a brand identity that’s memorable and timeless. We’ll determine colours, typefaces, social media assets and everything you need to establish a new and compelling image which reflects your company’s values and sets you head and shoulders above your peers.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We focus on technically optimising websites, optimising content and identifying opportunities to increase exposure across the web. All of this combines to form an effective SEO strategy. All of our services in this area are scalable to adapt to the needs of each website.

  • Social Media Optimization

    We help you boost your business through Face Book, Twitter, You tube, LinkedIn, Instagram Blogging, and much more. It’s one of the most accurate tools leading to great opportunities and improvements.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Our team’s technical and market expertise allows us to help you shape your idea into a tool to meet your objectives as efficiently as possible. We will ask the right questions to ensure that your iOS and Android mobile app is as successful as you envision.

  • Custom Software Development

    For us bespoke software means creating a finely handcrafted experience built on strategic thinking, a collaborative approach, and innovative technology by learning all about how our clients’ business operates and how we can create a solution that is a perfect business fit.

How it works

  • Understand
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Delivery

When starting a design process, (especially a website) planning is a key phase and often overlooked by many web design agencies and businesses alike; but Algov will guide you through and take care of the process.

You have to remember your website is not for you but your potential customers, so the first thing we look at is your target audience. From research and competitor analysis we will work out the most valuable content and create a suitable style. Defining website goals and suitable calls to action comes next along with mapping out a user journey.

Now it is time for all of the planning to come to life.

Each project is a real team effort and our UX (user experience) experts will team up with our front end developers and project managers to fit all pieces of the jigsaw together. Our design process is actually a mix of design and code – we’ll show you how the site will interact with its user, not simply show a pretty picture. Using psychology and marketing techniques we can persuade your visitors to click and look at certain areas of your site and part with their information in exchange for interesting content.

Our developers and front end team will work together to optimise every bit of code and script to create a speedy, slick website that will look great on any device.

Once tested across different operating systems and browsers, we normally integrate into a Content Management System. We work with lots of different frameworks and open source software such as Magento and WordPress so we’ll agree what solution is best for your needs. Once final tests are done, and our Quality Assurance sheet complete, your site is ready to start working hard for your business.

Going live is just the first phase and on-going analysis and improvement is a must for any successful website.

Algov will manage user testing, carry out A/B testing, analyse your traffic and measure marketing campaigns. This is how we take your website to the next level, again and again. Your success is our success and we will not be happy until your conversion rate goes to places it has never been! Did we mention our Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media expertise also mean we can help your website get highly ranked in Google and shared across the abundance of social media platforms.